8level was founded in 2007, as a result of investing in modern technologies, which are a basis for us to build our new “digital home”. In 2008 we started the production of the first VoIP gateway which enables Internet phone calls. Currently we are making intensive efforts to introduce multimedia solutions that can be applied in any modern digital home. Already at the beginning of the production process (that is at the design stage), we focus on an above-standard functionality and a very high manufacturing quality of our devices. All that with maintaining the key parameter, which is an affordable price.

Caring about our Clients, we base our activities on transparency. Our Partners are an important component of our business, which is why we implement a “1in1” policy (one Authorised Distributor in each geographical region), so we can ensure control and top-level service in each segment of our sales structure. The Partners are supplied directly from our Polish warehouses, which guarantees full availability of our solutions.


Local needs – global distribution.


Our mission is a global distribution of equipment which is suitable for local needs of the users and which makes it easier for them to benefit from the digital world.


We want to supply equipment for local needs on a global scale. We closely collaborate with distributors and sub-distributors in each region so that we are able to adapt our solutions to local customers. We are focused on fresh ideas and solutions. We carefully listen to our Partners and work with them to develop what our Clients need.


Since our products are manufactured in the Far East, we can maintain attractive prices while delivering very good products, which are results of our insight into the needs of consumers worldwide. It is our Clients who influence the development of our devices, and it is them who determine their form. Want to tell us about our idea? Send us an e-mail


Our products are distributed by our regional Partners. It is them who know best the needs of local communities and tell us what we can do to make our products even better. Are you looking for a distributor in your region? Or maybe you believe that you are a good candidate to become an 8level distributor?  Send us an e-mail


Have you got an idea for a cooperation with us? An excellent idea for a product, sales or advertising? Maybe you know something we have not yet thought of? Would you like to work with us to achieve a common goal? Send us an e-mail